Miso Workshop


We made 5 dishes of ‘miso’ in our spring workshop. Everybody found that it is not too much to eat all miso dishes. I decided very carefully the combinations; with vinegar, sugar, mayonnaise, and dashi. So, the taste is sour, sweet, mild-sour, and soupy!

The fun part of workshop was making rice ball. It is different taste from sushi because of no sushi dressing and the shape is different. Japanese eat rice ball more than sushi. It is also good for ‘bento’, lunch box.

The main dish was ‘pork-miso’. I found nobody have ever cooked eggplant like this. Although recently Japanese people use more microwave to get the same effect. But I still like to cook with real fire. Cut nicely an eggplant and steam without a steaming pot! You can get very soft juicy eggplant with pork-miso on top.

Because of miso soup I got a lot of question about ‘dashi’ this time. For the next workshop we make own dashi bouillon and dishes.

DSC_2481 DSC_2478



It is fun to make Wagashi. This is one of traditional Japanese sweets for tea ceremony. Pure white anko is inside and the outside is also anko with rice powder. The texture is almost like cry. That is why we can make so many variation of shapes like cherry blossom. It might be nice to cook with your child! 2kg of anko from yesterday became 50 pieces of flowers.