Dashi workshop

Dashi is Japanese basic bouillon. It gives umami taste. Umani is one of taste like bitter, sweet, sour.

We made 5 different dashi bouillon and tasted the differences.

Katsuo dashi / Katsuo Konbu dashi /Shiitake dashi / Niboshi dashi / Ready made dashi

dashi tasting


We decided to mix several dashi to use our dishes.  Almost scientific approach!

This time our menu was; Agedashi yellowtale fish and egg plant, Udon noodles, Chawan mushi

So people can taste DASHI marinade, DASHI as soep,  DASHI with egg.

agedashi and chawan mushi
It was raining in the morning but by the time we started to eat it was shinny.
We sat outside terrace to enjoy our dishes!