Makreel Workshop

I don’t know why it always rains when I do the workshop….  Anyway it is good for us to have a nice activity inside a building.  This year URBANBERRY COOKING focus on ‘Teishoku Menu’ which is a set menu for lunch and dinner.  It consists of a main and a side dish, soup, and rice. The menu of this time was Tatsuta Age of Makreel, Kinpira of Lotus Roots, Miso Soup of Rattich, and Rice Balls.


RIMG1580  RIMG1581a

Preparing of a fish and cutting a lotus root. Everybody concentrated very hard to take out bones and first time touched lotus roots.

RIMG1583 RIMG1594

‘Tatstuta age’ got a nice crispy skin looks like splash of river of Tatsuta. The name comes from that. You can make ‘Tatstuta age’ with chicken as well. The final touch of ‘kinpira’ is ‘Bonito freak’. With heat the freak moves slowly it looks like alive!


We enjoyed making own rice ball and optional sesam sauce for the fish.  Itadakimasu! (いただきます!Eet Smaakelijk!)

100 kg rice, 10 liter of soy

This weekend at the Lloyd hotel in Amsterdam there will be MONO JAPAN event. Many Japanese craft companies show their products. There are a lot of workshops as well. Urbanberry got an offer to serve Japanese dishes at the restaurant! What a honor! Gigantic amount of ingredients are for Temarizushi, Makizishi, Dashimaki Tamago, Kinoko itame! Tomorrow we prepare. From Friday to Sunday you can buy 6 different Japanese hapjes!