April Workshop


The April menu was one of the classic lunch box dishes. 
It is good for a picnic to bring, especially for the Japanese Hanami (picnic under cherry blossom) event. Sanshoku Sonoro don: Three color top[ping on rice; it is fun to make a landscape on your lunch box. 
Nimono: Japanese style of boiled vegetables. We will cut and decorate vegetables with special cutting methods, and cook it. A carrot gets a nice flower shape! Suimono: Simple dashi soup without miso paste. This type of soup fits to certain type of dishes.

One of the highlight was cutting technique. Everybody made nice flowers out of carrot. But also I saw some creative ones that became a windmill! We cooked nimono with not only basic vegetables but also typical Japanese ingredients like bamboo shoot, lotus root burdock, and konjac. Those authentic ingredients was good to try in the workshop because people don’t know it but still we can buy in Amsterdam. 

We made 3 colors soboro; meat, egg, green vegetable. Soboro means flakes. Making soboro egg, we used 4 chopsticks. This is a real fun cooking which I learned from my mother! Japanese use chopsticks not only for eating but also for innovative cooking. 

Suimono was the most simple menu for this workshop. That was also to know what is dashi. Because if you make a good dashi, you hardly need seasonings in your soup!


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