Tatsuta Age

I don’t know why it is always raining when I held the workshop…. In a way lucky to do indoor activity. The 3rd workshop of “teishoku (set menu)” was dishes easy to eat with hot weather. In Japan it is over 30 degrees in summer. Therefore there are a lot of trick for summer dishes.

RIMG2287.jpg RIMG2284.jpg

The main menu was “tatsuta age of salmon” and the side dish was “goma ae”. Thin slices of paprika, onion, and carrot was marinaded in soy-vinegar. Later added fried salmon. Japanese style of sweet & sour is absolutely the best dish in summer. Japanese sweet sesame source is good to boiled beans or green vegetables. The both dishes are easy to cook.


Set menu has always rice and soup. This time we cooked “gomoku gohan” and “dashi soup with vongole”. Gomoku gohan is something like paella but with soy taste. You shouldn’t open the pot till it is done! Surprise, surprise…. That is the way all Japanese cooks. Vongole soup was very tasty with freshly made fish bouillon.