Sushi Ice

It was a big hit in Antwerp! We sold so many original sushi ice together with matcha green tea ice. Belgian was open mind to taste something new! The best ice cream shop in Amsterdam called Metropolitan Deli developed those ice cream. Matcha ice is together with me!


Antwerp sushi festival

We will sell green tea matcha ice together with matcha latte at Antwerp Sushi Festival on 4 & 5 February. Urbanberry will be at METROPOLITAN truck!

Master of gerato, Kees Raat, will present ‘Sushi Box Gerato’ – cucumber, sake, soy, ginger

antwerp sushi festival


Myouga / 茗荷

I missed a lot this though years! It is difficult to get in the Netherlands but it is very common ingredients in Japan. ‘Myouga’ is a kind of spring onion but completely different taste. It is very good to put on top of tofu to eat together together with spring onion and shiso! This year I got the plant from a friend. Everyday taking care with fun! If I eat this, I feel summer! Happy happy : )


Workshop for teachers

A special workshop for teachers of a day care. It was an event once a year as a surprise gift from the parents. We enjoyed cooking, tasting, and making calligraphy own name!

Among 18 people 1/3 of them have soy source at home, 1/4 have miso, and even 1 person has kombu.  The theme of the workshop was what can we cook with soy source. It is not only for sushi! We made Salmon teriyaki, Kinrira of lotus roots, and salad with soy dressing. It was fun to see the three groups were completely different approach for the cooking. One was very first and the other was more careful.

Urbanberry also prepared the starter and the dessert. Vegetable stick with soy mayonnaise,  Oinarisai (everybody liked!), Edamame, Matcha cake and Matcha drinks.

It ended with an activity doing Japanese calligraphy. It was a big success. Specially we took a group photo with own calligraphy with own name!

Home Party Catering

A daughter of a friend of mine has just received a master degree. Time for party! They ordered 17 people’s dinner in a normal house (although a big with nice top light) in Amsterdam. The dishes I made was easy to carry and eat. I have never done this kind of work before. In the end 7 dishes for each and it was nice to make a food landscape on the table!

写真 (2)


Dear Japanese food funs,

Coming Saturday I will demonstrate Japanese cooking at a kitchen shop called IN MY KITCHEN. You can taste temari sushi, Japanese omelette, and Japanese pancake. Isn’t it ideal to buy some gift for Mother’s day and taste some Japanese?!
Where: IN MY KITCHEN,  Jan Pieter Heijestraat 76 – 78
When:13:30 – 17:00
The next URBANBERRY COOLING  workshop will be on 12th June.
The menu will be;
/ Salmon Nanban /  Goma Ae / Ginger rice / Miso soup
Reserve by mail to ;
See you soon!

100 kg rice, 10 liter of soy

This weekend at the Lloyd hotel in Amsterdam there will be MONO JAPAN event. Many Japanese craft companies show their products. There are a lot of workshops as well. Urbanberry got an offer to serve Japanese dishes at the restaurant! What a honor! Gigantic amount of ingredients are for Temarizushi, Makizishi, Dashimaki Tamago, Kinoko itame! Tomorrow we prepare. From Friday to Sunday you can buy 6 different Japanese hapjes!



I am completely into Nerikiri. I love the taste and how it looks! I am testing different type of white beans to cook. It is very important to have smoothness and almost creamy texture. I know 30% of European people don’t like this texture in the mouth. Although it is something like almond paste. Because of rice powder the skin of Nerikiri is playful like clay!

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